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Jolie Chose Designs
Custom Wares for Lolitas of All Sizes
Unrequited Thoughts 
Welcome to Jolie Chose Designs!
Welcome to Jolie Chose Designs! Here you will find custom wares to help you coordinate your most fashionable lolita coordinates. Whether you need a head-eating alice bow to complete your sugary sweet outfit; a skirt, JSK or OP to make a statement; a blouse or cutsew to complete your look; or a replica of something you've been lusting over, you have come to the right place!

All items from Jolie Chose are one of a kind. No two items are alike, and are as unique and stylish as the person that ordered them. They are made with high quality materials, with the love and care that goes into any beautiful handmade piece. Everything made comes from a non-smoking home, and is fully customizeable to your liking. Everything is shipped and handled with the utmost care.

Here are some site links you may find helpful:
Payment, Shipping and Ordering FAQ
Commission & Alteration FAQ
Current Fabric and Trim Offerings
Customer Commission Progress
Previous Works/Customer Gallery
Buyer/Seller Feedback

Please refer to the sidebar links for shop links.

If you have any site specific questions, please email me at aiichan@joliechosedesigns.com.

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Jolie Chose. Every item ordered comes with a
satisfaction guarantee - if you aren't satisfied with your items, I will be glad to make you something else of equal value of your choosing, or you may request a refund (this does not apply to custom clothing items, see this page for custom item refunds).

Thank you and happy shopping!
We have a wide variety of materials available for use in accessories and commissions! Please check out our galleries of all our offerings.

Only the best quality materials are used here at Jolie Chose. 100% cottons and poly cotton blends. For blouses, I can make them in your choice of poplin or kona cotton. There is a slight difference in final price depending on which you choose. The poplin is slightly higher in price than kona cotton. For cutsews, we use a cotton/poly/spandex jersey knit.

All items are machine washable, but due to the delicate lace on some garments, we always recommend dry cleaning.

Fabric and Trim Offerings - Updated 6/15/09Collapse )
28th-Dec-2037 11:57 pm - Customer Commission Progress
This is the current list of commissions I am working on. It will be updated as things are completed and as things are added. If you have a commission open with me, and you don't see your name on the list, please contact me immediately at aiichan@joliechosedesigns.com.

Current Commission Turnaround is 3-4 weeks.

EDIT: I am having some problems formatting this post, so for now its going to remain empty.
27th-Dec-2037 01:03 am - Feedback
If you have ever bought anything from me on egl_comm_sales , or if  I have ever bought anything from you, please leave feedback here in a comment, as well as on Loligoth DBS.

Please leave a small description of each item you've purchased/ordered. It makes it easier to keep track of^^

Thanks for smooth transactions!

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10th-Dec-2037 07:32 am - Please Excuse the Dust
Hey everyone! A lot of you noticed that all of my pictures are gone. Well I was re-organizing my photobucket account, and failed to realize that after I moved everything to their respective albums, the links I had up would break, and the images would delete themselves.


Since I am in the process of getting my website up, I am just going to link my albums here in this post, instead of going back through and re-linking the existing photos.

So here you go. The guest password is aperture.

Hair Accessories

Commission Samples

If you have price specific questions, please either refer to the respective post below, or ask them here in this post.

Thanks for putting up with me everyone!

25th-Sep-2036 11:19 pm - Alice Bows and Casual Bows
In this section, you will find our selection of alice bows, including head-eating alice bow headbands, head-eating alice bows with ribbon ties, and non-head-eating casual bow headbands.
Two-Tier Head-Eating Alice Bow HeadbandCollapse )
23rd-Sep-2036 11:23 pm - Sidebows
Here you will find our selection of single and double sidebow headbands.


22nd-Sep-2036 11:32 pm - Haircombs and Clips
Here in this section, you will find a selection of barrettes, hairties and clips.

Standard HaircombsCollapse )

Single HaircombsCollapse )
Rosey Pearl HaircombsCollapse )

20th-Sep-2036 11:45 pm - Headdresses
Here you will find our selection of various headdresses - headresses with ribbon ties, alice bands and half bonnets.

HeaddressesCollapse )
19th-Sep-2036 11:50 pm - Other Accessories
Here you will find a selection of various accessories, including pins, brooches, bookcovers, bags, etc.

Brooches and TiesCollapse )

Wrist Cuffs and Sock ToppersCollapse )
Sailor Pillbox HatCollapse )

Short and Long BloomersCollapse )
25th-Jun-2036 04:16 pm - Suggestions
If you have any suggestions for anything you would like to see at Jolie Chose, please feel free to leave a comment in here. Whether it be fabric suggestions or ideas, don't hesitate to let me know! Thanks!
27th-Dec-2009 01:44 am - Boxing Day and New Years Sale
PLEASE NOTE: All orders from the last sale will be getting shipped early this coming week, due to the holiday and weather and postal issues we've been having.

Welcome to Jolie Chose's First Annual Boxing Day and New Years Sale!!

For Boxing Day 2009, and to ring in the new year, all accessories are 20% off their regular price!

Sale ends Friday, January 1, 2010 12:00AM EST

All items are made with 100% cotton and venise and eyelet laces. All colors are chosen by you, because we have all colors at our disposal^^

All prices stated are the 20% off price.

To see the galleries of everything I've made since May, click here, here and here!! For the last two links, the guest password is "aperture".

On with the goods!

hairbows, ties, bloomers, brooches, headdresses, haircombs, ALL 20% OFF!!Collapse )
24th-Nov-2009 10:58 pm - 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Sale
Welcome to Jolie Chose's Second Annual Thanksgiving Sale!

For Thanksgiving 2009, all accessories are 20% off their regular price!

Sale ends Sunday, November 29 at 11:59PM EST

All items are made with 100% cotton and venise and eyelet laces. All colors are chosen by you, because we have all colors at our disposal^^

On with the goods!

hairbows, ties, bloomers, wrist cuffs, brooches, headdresses, haircombs, ALL 20% OFF!!Collapse )
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